Cider Spots in Traverse City

Since Apples are the largest and most profitable crop in all of Michigan, it’s no surprise that we’ve found a way to enjoy the fruits of the labor in an alcoholic form! Hard Cider is fast-growing favorite and provides a great alternative for those who don’t enjoy beer/wine or those who do and are just looking for another amazing way to enjoy the bounty that Northern Michigan agriculture has to offer. The TC Brew Bus is the premier option for Cider Tours of the Traverse City area.

There’s no better way to visit all the wonderful local businesses in the Traverse City area that are either making their own or serving up a range of sweet and tart ciders than booking a private tour on the TC Brew Bus. Not only are we a favorite for Wine & Beer Tours, but with so many places serving up Cider, you can easily make an entire day out of sampling some of the local favorites. Learn more about the TC Brew Bus Cider Tours here.