Pouring Beer Properly - TC Brew Bus

Out Brew Bus team is all about making sure that you have the most enjoyable experience during your tour. Because of that, we want to make sure you’re enjoying as many of the wonderful craft breweries in our area without a bloated belly full of CO2.

Proper pouring can make all the difference in your beer tasting experience and allow you to fully enjoy the aromas and tastes of the beer without having a stomach ache. Check out the videos below that will give you all the tip and trick you’ll need to know to enjoy a full day of beer tasting!

The Traverse City area is home to over a dozen craft breweries that have a vast assortment of styles and flavors sure to please any beer lover. The Brew Bus is also the best beer tour company in the area providing safe and reliable service with fun and knowledgeable drivers to ensure you and your crew have a great time!

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